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The Google Ads process of Behind Another Story

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Why Google Ads?​

Google Ads is an auction where you bid on keywords for display, search or shopping advertising. The one who gets the best ad rank wins the bet. But what is the ad rank?

The ad rank is calculated using your bid amount, your ad quality, the context of the search and more. The ad that gets the best total score wins the click and most likely the business.

It is therefore crucial to have a Google Ads campaign that focuses on all elements of the process, and not just the costs. With competitors looking to beat you in the race to first spot, maintaining and improving Google Ads campaigns will be the most important task.

Google Ads for you​​

At Behind Another Story we will help you launch your Google Ads advertising by setting up your Google Ads account, campaign and target the relevant keywords & segment for you.

To keep evolving we will set up Google Analytics and send reports to you with invaluable information about your website traffic. This information will be used to improve on your Google Ads campaign to ensure your bid is as low as possible and still winning the auctions.

All our packages include continuous optimisation of your website and free consultation. We want to unleash the potential of your business by understanding your goals. Once we know, these Google Ads campaigns will be set up exactly to achieve conversions around these objectives.

Our prices start from £289.00 per month. There are options for every sized business.


  • Recommended for local businesses in a moderately competitive industry

  • Conversion tracking
  • Competitor analysis


  • Recommended for startups and small businesses looking to increase online presence
  • Advanced keywords analysis
  • Continuous optimisation of campaigns


  • A combination of local & national SEO - ideal for higher level competition
  • Continuous optimisation of campaigns & website as required
  • Unlimited ads & campaigns


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